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 Asmech : Automation Machine | Assembly Automation

Automated Assembly

Automated Assembly

From stand alone unit to complete lines, Asmech team has many years of experience and know-how to deliver a reliable system. Over the past 10 years, we have delivered over 500 units of automated assembly machines especially in medical production. Asmech is capable in design and supply using linear modular transport system or rotary ( index ) system to achieve high speed and position accuracy for assembling, processing, inspection and testing process.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Solution bag
  • Medical tube
  • Connector assembly and torque checking machine
  • Insulin pump sub-assembly
  • Complete medical set

Other experience in the process automation includes :

  • Auto loading and unloading of tubeand components
  • Auto tube dispensing and cutting
  • Auto feeding of components using vibrator bowl and linear track system
  • Auto alignment, insertion and press fit of components
  • Auto solvent and lubricant application
  • Auto filling and volumetric control
  • Radio frequency ( RF ) welding / sealing
  • Auto tube coiling
  • Auto leakage test
  • Vision inspection for various type of defect
  • Auto printing , labeling and hot stamping